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Things to Know - 7 October


As I draft this, it is Saturday, the 6th of October.   I am making this my last "job" for a while. On Monday the 8th, I go in very early - like 0515 in the morning - to prep for surgery for total replacement of my left hip.   The right hip was successfully done almost 90 days ago.  I should be back home again late Wednesday for recovery and therapy.  I am seriously thinking about cutting back on the intensity and frequency of this "Things to Know" job that I began many years ago in my former home in Georgia.   Not sure how it will be structured - maybe fewer entries (less than the usual 8) and less frequent (not every day).   I enjoy this, and I have kept at it because of the positive feedback and from comments along the way.   Once I get full use of my mobility back after about 3 years of pain and inconvenience,  Lynne and I will be looking to travel more.   She sometimes thinks that I spend too much time in one place (my desk and computer) doing nothing but reading news stories and drafting this job.  True, but what else can you do when you hurt and can't move around much?   So, doing things like yard work and fixing things around the house that I could not do before will take precedent, but in a balance that will still allow me to send you this "stuff".    Be seeing you later.   Thanks.  

1.  Here we are now, 4 days after the debate, and still talking about it.   A column like this from Robert Reich is short and and swiftly to the point, and is a back-handed way of providing a modicum of confidence for the president.  The worst time for Obama was the moment right after the debate when that gut-wrenching pain rippled through the audience that Obama did poorly.  Poorly in the sense that he was not horrible, but that Romney - right in his arm's reach - did nothing to call him out or vigorously challenge him.   The day after, when the 27 Romney myths and lies were detailed, and the realization that Mitt was dismantling PBS and Big Bird's life line, and Obama got his game back by aggressively hitting back at a Denver campaign rally, did things start getting back on track.   Then the day after, with the encouraging and good news on the employment statistics, did we get a sense of a rebound.   Pundits, supporters, and I am sure Michelle Obama, have made the president aware. Obama is no dummy, and is a quick learner, and I am sure that he has the Mojo to follow through.  The killing of Big Bird by Romney is a Cheney tactic, only this time his Mittness shot himself in the face:

2.  On a slow news weekend, you can depend on Thom Hartmann to provide a tabloid of other news.  Some of it the same as the usual stuff, but with a different twist.  Hope the video from their server works for you, since it did not when I put this together:

3.  To my friends in Georgia, you are well aware of U.S. representative Paul Broun, who embodies the biblical bible belt politician.  He's a voice from the Tea Party wing of the GOP, giving a talk at the annual Sportsmen's Day fĂȘte at his church in Georgia.  The backdrop makes it especially tasty.   This guy is a mid-ranking member of the House Committee on Science, where he chairs the Subcommittee on Investigations and Oversight.  This is why the NSF directors tell applicants not to mention evolution or cosmology in grant application titles or abstracts.  I bring this to y'alls attention to let you know that the separation of church and state is more important than ever.  I used much of this from a piece from Matt Cartmill, class of 1964 at Pomona College.   You should Google Matt Cartmill to get an idea off his credentials.....ah, go ahead and Google him.  It is worth your while:

4.  The debate craft of Gish Gallop was adopted and driven into Mittney Romn by his handlers.  That training enabled him to win one for the Mittness.  If you are not familiar with Gish Gallop, you should read this:

5.  Now, Maureen Dowd can, after the initial explosion Thursday morning, can rip off some funny stuff about Obama and his opponent.  It kind of gets a Liberal's equilibrium back on track,  Enjoy:

6.  Try as much as the Republicans want, they cannot deny the good news brought forward as a result of greater than expected employment figures.   It is with contempt that anyone who is a anywhere being a patriot should be the continuing sabotage of the president, employment figures, or anything that improves the lives of all.  The worst congress is a shameless group and does not have the needs of its constituents at heart:

7.  To better understand the demise of the Republican party (as it has succumbed to the Tea Party), you need to read this article.  The GeeOpee romance with the suburbs and the rural voters has taken on an anti-urban tone in both its appeal and public policy.   The cities only have the Democrats to champion their issues.   Yes, this is a generalization between the two parties, and there are a few instances where it does not hold true, but this has been the trend:

8.  Steve Lopez winds up today with a required reading -   Knowing how to immediately attend to someone who has stopped breathing.   We really are our brother's keeper:


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