Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Things to Know - 4 October

Stuart Carlson
1.  The question of why so many republicans hate Obama is discussed here.   It is not just because of one issue alone, but a combination of fears and an unholy alliance of groups and regions that can be identified.   It's basically a change that the conservative mind is unable to accept.   How it will react over a month from now will be the subject of many articles and opinions that will be written about here and everywhere.  I have some scary thoughts about this when I think about the region I left over a year ago to be now living in California.:

2.  James Carville (wearing a ball cap to disprove his sci-fi alien DNA) shares his views on the GeeOpee "war" on fact checkers, by reminding us that a real War is what Bush got us into in the first place:

3.  This is actually a slow news day.   I find it hard to find anything really important to pass on.  Most of the chatter is about speculation on the debate tonight and who should say what and all.  Most of the real scribes are just priming their tablets for the expected review and opinions.  So, just accept Thom Hartmann as the best there is to know.   That will be the operative term until something else comes about later in the day to read and include:

4.  I do like the LA Times editorial that calls out Romney for making an issue of using torture on prisoners for the purpose of getting information to protect our national security.  This is the dumbest thing to try to pander for votes.  McCain is one who knows torture, and could not agree less with Mittley.  So, why strike the pose that beating the shit out of people is good for us?  He's supposed to be pandering for votes by being a caring and kind-hearted person, and he does this????:

5.  If you want to be super confident about Obama's chances in winning the election, read this.   If you really don't care, find a good Netflix and watch it.:

6.  This WashPost column points out why Romney is at a disadvantage going in.  The conventional wisdom states that the challenger has the advantage going into the first debate.  However, the way that Romney has been defined by others, and how he as boxed himself into impossible corners by his own flip-flops and pandering has him stuck in a bad patch of dead crows.   Any sign of him trying to wiggle out will be to his own demise:

7.  Just finished watching the "debate" on MSNBC.  Although I would not go all out in agreement Maddow and her panel's review, I do feel that Romney held his own, and that Obama failed to bring forth many things that could have helped him.  MSNBC was hoping for an Obama KO, and since that did not happen, he lost.   It appears that there is an assumption on Obama's part that he is in a room full of his own supporters, and failed to speak with the passion that got him to the office in the first place.  It's not that Romney said anything dynamic, he held his own.  It was that Obama was flat and missed out on pointing out the serious problems that Romney brings to the table Anyway, with that said, entertain yourself with EJ Dionne's play on the downside of the GeeOpee:

8.  The NY Times immediate reaction review is probably a bit more kinder to the president than MSNBC, but there is a bit more detail than what was given above:


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