Monday, October 1, 2012

Things to Know - 2 October

   Stuart Carlson
1.  Unfortunately for the Romney camp, when things are not going well, the reaction is typical to previous similar situations.   In their opinion, the polls are wrong, or skewed favoring the opposition.  And now, it is the proverbial "left-wing" media that is to blame.  You have to read this to understand how they come to this point.  It's as if their lack of understanding on how Mitt Romney is unable to connect with the voters, is all the fault of the media.  Santorum was right:

2.  For the pure enjoyment of watching two respected pundits talk about the debates, politics, and the NFL referees, here's Brooks and Shields:

3.  You need to read this piece from the New Yorker.  It is a peek at the table conversation of the ultra-rich - the top 1% of the total 1%.  The arrogant self-appreciation of the wealthy goes beyond the pale, at least for the people in this group.  Their self-perception as the "wealth creators" can be described as egotistical and self-serving.   They are apparently enraged by the comments that Obama ascribes to the wealthy.  It's almost like they don't like the president because he says things that are not nice about them, and that explains their agenda to use a bunch of money to take him down.  Wealthy, yes they are.  They are also petulant and petty, and are perfectly happy to live inside their gated world and not be bothered by the problems of the 99%:

4.  All the serious people are stuck in the same mode of limbo with the campaign, so maybe what is needed is a visit to the Late Show and David Letterman for some wise stuff, and some of this compatriots chime in as well.   If you have nothing better to do (like you're retired, coming off of one replaced hip, and hobbling for the other replacement, and it's too hot to go outside) just let the video roll on and on:

5.  Eugene Robinson interrupts your interlude of laughter with his read on the upcoming debate, and who needs to do what.  Sorry, but that is what were supposed to be interested in this week:

6.  Here is an example of Obama's accomplishments.   You should remember the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issue and how this administration had to fight to the mat with the GeeOpee in the House.  Originally, Obama was trying to appoint Elizabeth Warren - who was the real developer and driver of this agency (now bureau).   The banks and Wall Street did not want her because she knew all their nasty games on how they were screwing the public.  Well, she backed out of the appointment after the bought-and-paid for GeeOpee legislators put up a snit, and they agreed to go with Richard Cordray, who was groomed and tutored by Warren.  Lizzie is now running for Senate in Massachusetts, while the CPFB today made American Express unscrew and clean up their act on some AMEX customers.  Do you think a Republican president would have done this?:

7.  Justification for taxing Capital Gains at a lower rate (15%) than ordinary paycheck wages (28%-35%) is vividly laid out in a series of picture frames.  So, what is wrong with this picture?  Trying to explain all this using the same old Republican word games is not working well any more.   Claiming that one needs all that extra money to afford dinner meals at political events ($50,000 per plate in Boca Raton, Florida) does not cut it:

8.  To all my friends left behind in Georgia and other parts of the South, this interesting piece from the NY Times concerns the South and its romance with Conservatism:


"Never be afraid to laugh at yourself, after all, you could be missing out on the joke of the century." 
       -- Dame Edna Everage
"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored." 
       -- Aldous Huxley
"Never knock on Death's door: ring the bell and run away! Death really hates that!" 
       -- Matt Frewer
"History is the short trudge from Adam to atom." 
       -- Leonard Louis Levinson
"Stay hungry. Stay foolish."
       -- Steve Jobs

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