Thursday, October 25, 2012

Something to Know - 26 October


1.  EJ Dionne pays attention to the evangelical change by the Super Chameleon.   Mittley has obviously caused many Tea Baggers and like-minded extremists to pause and take notice.   I am wondering if there will be any public outcry from them before election day.  Romney's latest etch-a-sketch tango has given the message that the Tea Party really is of no consequence, and thank you very much for buying the previous Romney story, but you are not needed any more.   And this is the example of a leader?.....really?:

2.  Staying true to his lack of integrity and core principles, Romney has this video where he brags that he got $410 million from the Federal Government to help him float the SLC Winter Olympics.  If you recall, he more recently said that he just got a few buck in just a normal manner for transportation and security.   Romnesia is a disgusting ailment:

3.  You may recall, a few days back we were looking at California's Proposition 37 (GMO) and how BigChem (Monsanto, Dow, DuPont, etc.) were getting big bucks thrown in to defeat it.   Now, here is an LA Times story about the appearance of $11 million from an unidentified source in Arizona that is hell-bent on defeating Proposition 30, which addresses the need for Governor Jerry Brown's initiative to rebuild the state's education system.  What skin does Arizona have in this game, and who is it that is doing it?:

4.  I came across this little piece, which I am sure we have all seen, or at least are aware of in concept.   Whenever I hear cries and wailing about "too much regulation", "nanny state", and "unleash the free market", I think a quick re-visit to a message like this is needed.   Government regulation is necessary and needed, not because government can do it, but because if left to its own devices, industry is not capable of acting in the best interests of the consumer at all times.   This video concerns the tobacco industry, but similar scenarios, as they apply, are out there for Chemical, Oil, Banking, Agriculture and Food, etc. etc.:

5.  News reports about polling figures from the various services are enough to make an Obama fan worry.   However, as you well know that there are varied reports on who is on top, and who is going to win.   The RomRyans act as thought they've got it in the bag, but on what evidence?   The most respected polling is done by NY Times Guru Nate Silver has this one named the 538Blog, which is generally accepted as the go-to barometer.   Hang in there guys.  It can be done:

6.  In reading the commentaries on the op-ed page of the Washington Post, it is very difficult to figure out where they come down.   However, along with Colin Powell's remarks, these two endorsements for Obama show that beyond the deceptive campaign statements and positions, there is still enough clarity to perceive what is right for this nation:

7.  Paul Krugman looks at the Economic Plans proposed by Obama and Willardmittney.   One is a sensible, unspectacular, but doable booklet.  The other is a collection of phrases with no connection to any public policy of substance.   The all important hubris of personal character of Mitt comes through in his plan.  Just like his outerwear, his plan is an empty suit built on Hallmark Card get well cards:

8.  Because of all the attention that the "liberal mainstream media" gave to the issue of Republicans attempting to win the election by making it difficult and impossible for probable voting for Democratic Party candidates, justice has intervened and helped to thwart the GOP's shameful game.   Can there be anything lower than undemocratic than to overtly try and prevent voting?.   The Political Party of Shame is not a helpful branding, but they have earned it.:

9.  If you missed the Daily Show's Jon Stewart's calling out of the elected Republicans who blocked the bill that would have provided  support for returning veterans seeking support in integrating back to the domestic work force as part of their military benefits, here it is again.   The GeeOpee guys said it was too expensive, and difficult to justify.  Well, where were these sentiments when an unlimited pile of money went to start two wars?   And as far as "hard to justify paying for it", did not our armed forces personnel put their lives on the line and pay for it it in loss of life, PTSD, and receive debilitating injury and loss of limb?   We should know that going to war is not only economically gauged by the cost of the armaments and hardware alone.  It includes all the necessary costs to make our personnel able to be healthy and adjust back to the lives that we all take for granted.   We put them there, and we need to make them whole when they return - nothing more, and nothing less:


"Ability will never catch up with the demand for it." 
       -- Malcolm Forbes
"Look for the ridiculous in everything and you will find it." 
       -- Jules Renard
"The love of truth lies at the root of much humor." 
       -- Robertson Davies
"When I was born I was so surprised I didn't talk for a year and a half." 
       -- Gracie Allen

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