Monday, September 3, 2012

Things to Know - 4 September

     Matt Bors
1.  Recall that I suggested that we come up with ideas to replace the traditional paradigm of employers providing health care.  Well, along comes this concept, which makes a lot of sense, is cost effective, and actually better than the average today.  It also speaks to those of you who are hung up on the idea that I am all out in favor of a single-payer idea.   However, as good as this system in this article is, it is all predicated that people work in a brick-and-mortar facility, are employed by the sponsoring employer, and have a job there, and are not required to be on the road.  However, it works in well with a combination of other concepts that would cover the exceptions as noted:

2. In a departure from the mundane world of the American political scene, I present this article for your serious consideration.  You may think it is that basis for a screenplay on the order of the Da Vinci Code or Opus Dei, but it is not.  It is the background information that involves Julian Assange, Wikileaks, The International Monetary Fund, and several governments (Ecuador, Argentina, Venezuela, Bolivia, Great Britain, Italy, and the United States).  At stake is the 145,000 recorded conversations that Assange has that implicate many governments in attempts, through the IMF, to basically continue the corrupt colonial status of South American Countries, through unethical and illegal moves.  Furthermore it puts the USA and Great Britain in a very bad light, and the documents (in Assange's possession) are so damaging that his life is in grave danger.  This is such a high-profile drama now, that to invade the Ecuadorian embassy in the UK is out of the question.  The embassy is currently the place of Assange's asylum.  You really should read this article:

3.  Having no information on his tax returns, with what little information we have results in the map in the attached links as to where is fortune is stashed.  However, aside from all the speculation, nothing alters the question as to what is it in the character of one who is running for the highest office of public service that he does not want to release his tax returns for the voters to see, and why is is that he finds it necessary to patriotically invest his money in places other than the country he wants to be president of?   If he is unable to understand why these two questions are somewhat important to some of us, then he is not fit for the job:

4.  The great "fuggetaboudit" regarding global warming is a giant global reaction by a consortium of oil drillers and governments that can not be held accountable.  Collectively, yes they are the problem, but since no one individual entity can be defined as totally culpable, there is no leadership.  The absence of leadership will continue to kick the can down the road that has no return, and then it is obviously too late, and all that can be done is to think in terms of what we should have done:

5.  We cannot be sure if Porky's opinion on Akin is defending his right to stay in the GOP race for Senator in Misssouri, or if it is okay to perpetuate some idiotic scientific view, or if he is just trying to make Romney look bad, or if Porky is just trying his best to drop a bomb to draw interest in another book he is going to write, or has written:

6.  Apparently the Republicans are so creeped out about their lack of hoped for convention bounce, and leaving the country with a confused impression that they have to go hang out with the Democrats in Charlotte.  Their sophomoric post-convention posture is a sign that they really don't know what to do, or how to conduct a real campaign:

7.  Staty tuned for this local News Program.  Thanks to the Walteria News Bureau, you have been duly advised:

8.  This op-ed claims that Romney's last hope to win is based on pulling the race card out.  He's tried everything else.  There are even rumors that since Reverend Sun Myung Moon has died, that Mitt is going to plead with the LDS president to baptise the Asian followers as Mormons in order to capture the Korean vote.  I mean this guy will do anything:

9.  Again, we have before us an article that questions Capitalism's tendency to blame something, in this case the government, when the economic system has its failures to perform.  As in the 1930's and now, hostility from the promoters of free-market capitalists is often heard to be the root cause of the problem.  FDR had to overcome great harangues from the business community to overcome his New Deal policies.  Even today, a certain sector is always trying to repeal New Deal programs.  As I wrote the other day, regulation is necessary to contain the urges of greed and corruption that the human spirit smears into our economic engine.  This write, Richard Wolfe, takes it a bit farther to the left with worker cooperatives being in charge of the big economic decisions:

10.  Paul Ryan's venture into the VP nomination world is off to a weird start.  Since he is running with someone who exudes the excitement and charisma of watching a rain gauge in a action, anything Ryan says, or has said, or thinks carries a sink or swim judgement.  Comparing him to predecessors is a way to kill time while filling in that hour you took off from your marathon run:


"You can be a little bit darker and rougher on the stage, partly because when you're in the theater, people have come to see you, and so they kind of know what they're in for. In television, you are sort of sneaking into people's homes. So, I think you can be a little bit darker on stage." 
       -- Tina Fey
"The good psychic would pick up the phone before it rang. Of course it is possible there was noone on the other line. Once she said "God Bless you" I said, "I didn't sneeze" She looked deep into my eyes and said, "You will, eventually." And damn it if she wasn't right. Two days later I sneezed." 
       -- Ellen DeGeneres
"An executive is a person who always decides; sometimes he decides correctly, but he always decides." 
       -- John H. Patterson
"The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do." 
       -- Walter Bagehot

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