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Things to Know - 1 October

       Rob Rogers
1.  From the Rochester, MN news bureau, I stand corrected on, not my misspelling, but using the wrong homophonous word in yesterday's #1.:
Juan .... not "reigning in costs"....   "reining in costs".  A misspelled word jumps off the page for me...The school teacher in me "reigns" ... 

2.   It's getting difficult finding stuff of real interest to put into this project, as far as the election goes.   Obama seems to be recognizing that he made many mistakes in his first year, and assumed stuff that he should not have taken for granted.  However, the Romney campaign is so bad that his Mittness is the reason for the widening decline in his poll numbers.  Most of the discussion is now about poll numbers and what Willard needs to do to get on track.  Seriously, he's been running for this job for 6 years, and he's still trying to get his campaign on track?  The real story is about how his poor performance is dragging down the rest of the GeeOpee candidates on the ballot, and who is cutting out on him, and where Rove will throw the next batch of Super Pac money, now that it appears that throwing more money after bad is really a poor investment.  The close advisers to his Mittenship say that he has to really step out there and let the voters get to know him as a kind hearted caring isn't that what he was supposed to have done 6 years ago, not 38 days before the election.  Hamilton Beach and Cuisinart kitchen products have undertaken a new model of toaster - called the Romney - you stick it in, and 47% of the slice of bread is ignored, while the rest of the slice basks in bagel-like radiance.   Willard is all toast now:

3.  I mean, every pundit is finding difficulty in making any eloquence in beating a dead horse.  Ross Douthat of the NY Times is not usually on the same side of the with Krugman, but his column is not exactly basking with any hope for Mitt:

4.  Circling the wagons around a wounded warrior is an admirable and honorable way of protecting a fellow member of the tribe.  However, when the wagons are under the direction of the religious affiliation of the wounded warrior, who is the guy running for president, a whole new apprehension of the meaning of "cult" creeps into the conversation:

5.  Sheldon Adelson - of course we remember him.   Flush with money from his various casinos, has ponied up $70 Mil. for his favorite pet project (help Romney defeat Obama).   He's no different than the Koch Brothers who are investing in continuing Big Energy legislative cronyism.   Sheldon sees himself as the Presumptive Poo Bah Ambassador to Macau for his investment:

6.  Remember when Mitt was trying to explain away his white lies on his false facts in his campaign ads, by stating that "what is good for the goose is also sauce for the gander?".   Our intrepid staff has found the source of that statement, and it goes back to a time in Mitt's personal development course at Bain when he was so taken by this video.  Polls have shown the goose has a favorability rating over Willard by the same margin he has with African Americans - zero to 100%:

7.  Meanwhile, the Jack-in-the Box VP candidate that Mitt picked was having his own difficulties.   Given the soft-ball under had lob by Fox's Chris Wallace, Ryan cannot find the integrity and seriousness to answer a serious question.   Mitt and Paul are either not ready for prime time, or are so over their heads that they fail to pass the bar exam on suitability to run, let alone hold, public office:

8.  This NY Times editorial is good and sad news for Romney.   The medical plan that he put into operation in Massachusetts, and what Obama care was modeled on, is working to reduce health care costs, while setting standards to improve and maintain a higher level of health care.  It is working, and it is good news.  The sad news for Romney is that he disavows it all in his gleeful pandering he took to chum with the TeaPublicans.  The other good news is that the PRIVATE sector (the insurance companies) are taking it upon themselves to make it work.  Blue Shield and the rest of them can see the handwriting on the wall, and are astute enough to get with the program that they should have bought into many decades ago.  The program in Massachusetts should set the tone on how "Obama Care" should work out.  What was something that Romney could have used very well to his advantage in his quest, has been squashed by the draconian tea-bag two step the the GeeOpee mistakenly adopted:

9.  Paul Krugman closes it out today in the spirit of realistic punditry, and getting to the next plateau on where the Obama administration goes from here.   If the Second Act of President Obama is going to do anything, it should listen to Mr. Krugman this time.  It ignored his advice that the "stimulus" (properly know as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009), was too small and not bold enough.  Professor Krugman points out some good advice for Act II:


"We always felt as if every show was the most important thing in the world, but knew if we bombed, we'd live." 
       -- Raymond Joseph Teller
"Technology adds nothing to art. Two thousand years ago, I could tell you a story, and at any point during the story I could stop, and ask, Now do you want the hero to be kidnapped, or not? But that would, of course, have ruined the story. Part of the experience of being entertained is sitting back and plugging into someone else's vision." 
       -- Penn Jillette
"The worst moment for the atheist is when he is really thankful and has nobody to thank." 
       -- Dante Gabriel Rossetti
"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake." 
       -- Napoleon Bonaparte

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