Friday, August 24, 2012

Things to Know - 25 August

   Ben Sargent
1.  The Bain documents that were made available yesterday, are revealing a sense of a corporation that operates in ways that the average person just does not understand - and Mitt wants to keep it that way.  The documents also show that Romney was involved in Bain up to and including 2002, which is contrary to what he has been saying all along.  Trust him?:

2.  In case we become complacent and think that Akin and a few others in Congress are the only loonies out there, here is a Texas judge who is into a conspiracy theory that will require an armed insurrection to take out Obama.   Yes, the right wing is empowered to fantasy and idiocy:

3.  The city of Tampa, Florida is going all out to make sure that everyone coming to town has accommodations for overnight stays.  Isaac will be there.  It is interesting that some notables will not - Dick Cheney, George Bush (both of them), and Todd Akin, plus Sarah Palin:

4.  Some states are demonstrating a very cheeky attitude against the Department of Justice in regards to the Voters' Rights Act.  There is a very obvious and arrogant suppression of voting going on in some areas of this country, and it should not be tolerated.  Somewhere along the line, the Federal Government has to intervene:

5.  Romney made a joke; so he says.   Interesting that there will be 7 birther speakers at the GOP convention, which indicates his sub-level racist tactic to secure his base.  Hey Mitt, we're still asking for your tax returns:

6.  Mitt Romney caught by secret video, explaining his Bain experience when he toured a Chinese factory using slave labor conditions, as he presented all this at a fundraiser for his campaign.  It's like he is bragging about how great an investment it was for Bain to be able to witness such a marvel of industry:

7.  Gail Collins takes us away from the excitement of peculiar political babble, where we are not sure what people are talking about.  She takes us to the deadly shoot out neat the Empire State building, and takes down the argument that a well-armed citizenry is best to take care of violent and crazy characters with guns and lots of bullets:

8.  This NY TImes editorial points out that Romney would like to shove most of the load that the Federal Government does now down to the states.  Big mistake.  There are some states who currently could not and would not be able to do the job, either from incompetence or lacking in funds:

9.  Charles Blow highlights where we are today, or more like where we are not, compared with the Chinese as far as how we PUBLICLY educate our children.  Remember when we grew up (using those who are retired readers to this as an example), about how we had to finish our plate of food out of concern that there were kids in China who were not getting any.  Well, in reality, there still are people in China (about 1 billion) who still suffer from a dismal menu,  However, with regard to education, can you imagine some teacher in Beijing telling a student to concentrate harder on physics because there is some poor kid in Los Angeles who will never understand the string theory:

10. Dispelling any thoughts that the states are scheming to suppress or in any way diminish the election process of accommodating the voting process, California shows that it can be done, and has approved day-of-election registration to provide for voters who, for whatever reason, did not register, but can do so, even on the day of the election.  The abomination of states suppressing voters is criminal, and needs immediate action:


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       -- Aleister Crowley
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