Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Things to Know - 4 July


1.  Bill Moyers, and his piece on Thomas Jefferson, and the revelation that his own personal behavior was the same person depicted in the documents that he authored; not so - a betrayal:

2.  I kind of like this little story about KFC.  It's all about the manufactured crap that is pawned off to look and taste like the the original intended item (honey sauce, mashed potatoes, etc).  It's not just KFC, they all do it, well, not all, but most of the junky fast-food enterprises are just the delivery systems for the chemical companies to pass off cheap and unhealthy knock-offs made from stuff that you and I would not eat if we really were able to get the information on the chemical make up:

3.  Willard Mitt Romney is not really behaving in public (or private) in a manner that does his campaign well.  He can appear in jeans, a bus, and pretend to snack in casual restaurants, but he really is not made of the same fabric that one would prefer a political standard bearer to resemble:

4.  There is a Chicken Hawk Tea Bagger who is trying his version of a swift-boat assault on a military veteran, his opponent.  It is so morally disgusting, that you just wonder what makes this guy think he has the material to be an elected public servant:

5.  Here are 8-points to consider as to how the political and economic environment today resembles the situation and conditions similar to the "gilded era" in the 20's.   If history does repeat itself, novels, movies, and political and economic upheaval will be attempted again to cast it all off.  The question to consider in what form the rejection of the gilded will be attempted; peacefully or with violence?:

6.  I rather like this article.  It has nothing to do with topical politics, governance, or other opinions.  In the research, gathering, and drafting of this daily work, I often struggle with the use of various punctuations and keyboard gizmos to introduce the various articles; yes, struggle!  So along comes this piece, which gives me comfort in knowing that I can take liberties in compacting and compressing ideas and sentences without being held to any standard of literary protocol - cool:

7.  I really like this contribution from David Brooks.  He is taking exception from all the bashing meted towards Roberts and the ACA decision from the Court.  Rather than just bad-mouthing Roberts. Obama, and ACA, Brooks suggests that that what should be discussed is the plan that replaces Obama Care, ACA, or the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act.  We are not hearing any of that from the leadership bashers - nada - zip.  So - put up or shut up:

8.  A few days ago, Bill Keller wrote a column that supported the idea of a National ID card.  The blow-back to him must have been considerable....to the point that he found it necessary to explain it through this follow-up:

"We are confronted with insurmountable opportunities." 
       -- Walt Kelly
"Last night I stayed up late playing poker with Tarot cards. I got a full house and four people died." 
       -- Steven Wright
"It is impossible to experience one's death objectively and still carry a tune." 
       -- Woody Allen

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