Friday, June 29, 2012

Things to Know - 30 June


1.  A characteristic of the extreme right wing of the Republicans is that they seem to enjoy the benefits of a democracy, but are unable to adjust policy that does not suit them.  Heck the Democrats are not always happy when they don't get their way, as well.  However the mindset of the right appears to think that they can operate on a selective participatory basis - do what it likes, and reject what it does not like.  The extreme thoughts of the right get delusional, and in this piece, a responsible elected official is actually contemplating an armed rebellion - yeah ---guns in the street - to make things like they want:

2.  Yesterday, we had on record that Bill O'Reilly is step up and "apologize for the idiot I am", and now we have evidence that Rush is supposed to make good on his promise to move to Costa Rica.  Keep them coming - where's Hannity going?   Maybe Roger Ailes can join with Rupert Murdoch and take all of his loud-mouthed cabal of Fox and move to a large estate in Yemen......where there is very limited government  (actually, none), and no universal health care:

3.   If it is necessary to engage in conversation with someone who continues to mouth the Romney banner of "repealing Obamacare", it might be timely to ask what it is going to replace it?  There is no answer, other than nothing:

4.  A link that I posted a few days ago has been asked to be re-sent or repeated.  It is the listing of the specifics of the PATIENT PROTECTION AFFORDABLE CARE ACT.  Here it is:

5.  Change the discussion landscape and talk about something that is all Romney's concern, and the only thing he can effectively discuss - who he (or his etch-a-sketch knob turners) will pick for VP.  Here are the conventional wisdom myths:

6.  Time out for a brief break.  If you are a Nora Ephron fan this is for you.  Same if you are a Dick Cavett fan.   If you appreciate both, then this is all you need to read today.  It you do not know or care for either, skip this whole #6:

7.  Moving forward (you are going to be hearing that a lot), the ACA provides for each state to set up exchanges for consumers who need to go out and select the best insurance coverage available from a menu of providers.   My theory is that as the health care system gets moving, employers will probably start dumping this benefit, but will have to provide the means for employees to pick their own provider, rather than something run or contracted by the employer.   At this juncture, in addition to private insurance companies, you may see the start of the "Public Option", so that the consumer could actually opt into something like the VA hospital or Medicare if they want:

8.  It is ludicrous and ridiculous the path that Romney taking on bad-mouthing Europe, and saying that the US is on the way to the same problem unless we elect his Mittness.  First of all, he is dead wrong.  The problems that are responsible for the pickle that the Eurozone is in now are the result of the strategy that the Paul Ryan gang are trying to pull here.  Second, you do not bode yourself as a good neighbor and a possible negotiator in world peace and harmony by pissing all over your European allies:

9.  For dessert we have this.  While all the attention and acrimony was focused on the Supreme's decision of the day before, and the contempt on the Attorney General (which is going nowhere), Congress passed the Transportation Bill, Flood Insurance Bill, and a measure to extend the continued low interest rates for student loans.   Ç Que Paso ?:

"Just because a couple people on the Supreme Court declare something to be 'constitutional' does not make it so.   The whole thing remains unconstitutional"
       -- Senator Rand Paul
"History is indeed little more than the register of the crimes, follies and misfortunes of mankind." 
       -- Edward Gibbon
"What happens when the future has come and gone?" 
       -- Robert Half
"What is written without effort is in general read without pleasure." 
       -- Samuel Johnson
"The trouble with America is that there are far too many wide-open spaces surrounded by teeth." 
       -- Charles Luckman

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