Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Things to Know - 27 June

Mike Luckovich
1.  To be honest, I have to admit that I was really in a down mood last night.  I capped off the evening last night at a meeting where a spokesperson from Common Cause put the impact of the Citizen's United in perspective and what/how the plan to take back our Democracy needs to work.  Only the pain from two ailing hips and a knee kept me from additional despair.   So, to rebound, and start putting the pieces back together, this piece from National Memo got me feeling better - so here it is.  Forget about the creepy morality of the Robert's court, or the obscene and corrupt money in the political system (if it were all that easy....hmmm).   Take the important issues and argue them on the basis of what is morally right.   Take that argument with everything that you hold dear, and run with it.  That is all we can do.  You should be able to sleep better:

2.  An admission by the Republicans that the actions of Voter Identification are really to suppress the opposition.   What a great democracy we live in.  The Constitution is for fools, or is to to fool us....is it?:

3.  Here is an example of how the Republicans really do not care about their job.  A bill to extend flood insurance to people in the flood plains was tagged by Senator Rand Paul with an abortion bill rider.  Really?....yup.   Either you do one or the other, but not both on the same bill.  The end result is that there is no action on having flood insurance available:

4.  Allowing the Industries that profit mightily from selling energy to sit at the table and directly and indirectly set our nation's energy policy is dangerous and wrong.  We need to be taking steps ro firmly remove ourselves from their grip and run a different course:

5.  The WashPost's Kathleen Parker sums up Romney's problem with the Hispanic community.  He's stuck himself in a hole, and it is very obvious.  He's got very, if any wiggle room, and any effort to change will obviously draw the etch-a-sketch criticism:

6.  Thomas Friedman is here with something of interest.   What I really want to say is that the punditry world of all the major newspapers have been almost silent today on their opinions of what the Supreme Court did yesterday in their decisions.  Is it because it was confusing, or is it because no one really knows and dare not commit to an op-ed on what is going to happen as a result?   Funny, there was all kind of attention and print on what they thought was going to happen.  Now that it is almost over.....almost nada:

7.  What does it say about our nation's health when a big city like Stockton, California declares bankruptcy?   There have been others in this country, but Stockton is the biggest one so far.   Is this the beginning for others to follow?

8.  Contrary to what I wrote in #6 above, the LA Times actually has an editorial that supports the decision on the unconstitutional Arizona law.  It also takes exception to the one provision still in tact ("the so-called show-your-papers rule, under which police are required to check the immigration status of anyone they stop, detain or arrest on a legitimate basis").   However, having to coordinate this with ICE before going beyond this action, could be burdensome, and it has to be done without the appearance of profiling.  Local cops will find this too ornerus to follow, and local cities may be opening themselves up to law suits for unlawful pre-deteriminations:


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