Thursday, June 14, 2012

Things to Know - 15 June

Jeff Danziger

What, me worry?  I'm out of there, and glad of it.

1. Probably the one big reason the opposition wants to dump the Affordable Care Act is that they do not want the public to realize how effective and beneficial it is for all.  If the ACA sticks, Big Pharma and the Medical Industry will not get their cushy ride at the expense of consumers any more:

2. Picking up where we left off yesterday about JPMorgan Chase and the Senate Banking Committee, here is Bill Moyers who really gets into it now:

3.  It is a sad state of affairs that it has to be this way for many, but the Daily Show and Steven Colbert both present satirical portrayals of our day-to-day proximity to injustices and fairness that we become inured to what is wrong with our country:

4.  A tid-bit of fact that his Mittness should keep in mind is this Gallup Poll, which indicates that a polling of citizens still consider George W. Bush has more to be blamed about our piss-poor economy than Obama.  Of course, Willard will continue on claiming that all are woes are the result of "Obama's failed policies", but that just adds to his out-of-touch reputation:

5.  The Thom Hartmann news synopsis of other stuff by some guy who is not Thom Hartmann:

6.  Paul Krugman figures that Romney might have started off talking sense about something, and then completely reversed course as he went back to the same old same old:

7.  David Brooks offers up something that has questionable validity.  I am not sure that he accepts that countries which are highly taxed and provide a large segment of the services that people expect (like the Scandinavians) fit into his example.  Brooks also fails to express an opinion on how the USA would transition from what we have now to what he thinks it should be - without an uproar of disapproval (a mild way of putting it):

8.  This NY TImes editorial claims that Romney still has it all wrong, but that Obama is not helping himself by faling to clearly enunciate to the common folk what all this means.  He has time to figure how to do it, but he better hurry:

9.  What is a Union?  What does belonging to a Union do for a worker?   Hector Tobar has this story about a woman, who is an apprentice in the Sheet Metal Workers Union, and how it has been able to deliver the jobs, compensation, and benefits that workers had decades long ago that built the suburbs of Los Angeles:


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