Monday, May 28, 2012

Things to Know - 29 May

Tom Toles
1.  Robert Reich offers a pint-sized column on Romney's proposed budget:

2.  Romney's gaffe prone.  He is awkward in social and group settings. He's a lot of weird things.  However, one thing he could control is a habit of not telling the truth, but he does not.  It would be kind to call him disingenuous, but it is really more like shameful:

3.  Richard Cohen of the WashPost on bigotry and how things are different than a long time ago:

4.  David Brooks gives us a history lesson while he presents a description of a role for our system of government.   Folks, there is not a lot of news today, so you have to settle for stuff like this:

5.  Super PACs, anonymous contributions, and now the Chamber of Commerce are really testaments to the fact that wealthy big business concerns are interested in keeping their Republican legislators in charge of the store.   Another way to look at it is that these organizations are depending on the lazy and uninformed to buy into their political ads just like Proctor and Gamble has an ad campaign that is going to sell you a bar of soap so that you can smell good;...really ...really good.    That is what we have become.  So sad:

6.  In the same vein as #5 above, which is critical of the election process that has become the cookie jar of the wealthy corporate structure, this article gets even deeper into the discussion.   It is a quick view of the dysfunction of our Constitution and the branches of government that it defines:

7.  I pass this article on to you for its ability to let you see how the diversity within an ethnic group is quite relevant and important to understand.   For example, the standard white community in any state can be made of of Brahmin's, West Coasters, Scots-Irish, White Trash, and Rednecks...for example.   Well, the same algorithm of example exists in any minority community.  Here, for example, you get acquainted with the Mexican-American community in Oxnard, California, which is primarily involved in agriculture.   In this group, there are people from the state of Oaxaca.  They are placed on a lower scale by their neighbors, and it causes the same found in other communities :

8.  This is a nice piece on how presidents act toward each other, both before, during, and after the change of power:


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