Thursday, May 24, 2012

Things to Know - 25 May


1.  A very significant change has occurred.  After Obama came out and announced his support for marriage equality for same-sex couples, the State of Maryland polling showed that approval by the African-American community had a 36-point positive surge on the same issue.  Nothing changes 36-point in such a short period of time.  Does this signify a national pattern, that leaves Romney in the dust?  Who knows - we will see?

2.  Colin Powell is open and candid about shouting out some of Romney's foreign policy behavior:

3.  Romney continues to display is tone-deaf connectivity with the "common folks" by going to a school in West Philadelphia.  He had to open his mouth and pour out proof that he does not get it.  So much for his change in talking about the Economy, and switching to Education.  So much for his venture into Education.  He's got nothing to take to the bank:

4.  In Massachusetts, Lizzie has evened up with her opponent for Senator, and things are looking up once again

5.  This is a beautiful story of David vs. Goliath.  JPMorgan Chase bank and CVS Pharmacy are wading in to the little town of Sebastopol, California and using their heft and leverage to blow through the zoning permits and get their way in building what they want, where they want.  Not to be outdone, the locals are taking the shyster performance of JPMorgan and the toxic behavior of CVS to deny them the zoning and building permits necessary.  I wish the good people in this small Sonoma County well, and hope it works:

6.  EJ Dionne displays a pillar of strength in defining the decline of Conservatism to what has resulted in a vicious war on anything that it resembles the extremist's positions.  This is a must-read for all:

7.  To add diversity, and to prove that the South does not have a lock on Looney-Tunes governance, we give you Arizona, which has some association in the States of America.  This story is no joke.  It is about the Jokesters who have created Arizona into their own image:

8.  Paul Krugman has no sympathy for the bruised feelings that the scions and Greedmeisters of Wall Street feel for the bad things people say about how they conducted and immoral and shameful game of bringing upon the decline of a once-great system.  No, Krugman tells it like it is and lets the poor bastards suffer in their piles of money:

9.  I recall when the LA Times was a crappy newspaper.   When red-car lines got yanked out of the streets by Big Auto and Big Petroleum had selfish urban planning designs.  That was over 60 years ago.   Los Angeles has matured.  It used to be the rude, crude, and gaudy step-brother to the classy and sophisticated San Francisco, up north.  Well, times have changed.  In many ways, and it is slowly evolving (sometimes violently) but evolving into something like New York, but with the potential of even greater diversity.   Here, Hector Tobar captures some of the DNA that goes into the creation of a diamond in the rough - its poetry and music:

"Freedom of the press is limited to those who own one." 
       -- A. J. Liebling
"What others think of us would be of little moment did it not, when known, so deeply tinge what we think of ourselves." 
       -- Paul Valery
"The only people who find what they are looking for in life are the fault finders." 
       -- Foster's Law
"Television has proved that people will look at anything rather than each other." 
       -- Ann Landers
"Golf is a good walk spoiled."
       -- Mark Twain

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