Thursday, April 19, 2012

Things to Know - 19 April

Mitt Romney

This is better than the cartoon that was originally slated to run here

1.  Let's start off with the basic Thom Hartmann and a few stories and easy to watch video:

2.  We can recall someone who came forth with "compassionate conservatism", and we know where that went.  So, here's Bill Moyers with someone who is preaching Capitalism with a Conscience.   Let's see how that works:

3.  Apparently, one way of seeking a redress of a grievance in Portland is to undress:

4.  This is an interesting view on all the less-than-complimentary comments on undocumented workers in the USA.   By one estimate, the undocumented paid over $11.2 billion in taxes (sales, property, and income) - and at the same time General Electric's profit and who knows how many other big corporations, was $14.2 billion - and paid NO TAXES.    So, this begs the question - who is taking advantage of the system?:

5.  In an interesting decree from the Council of Catholic Bishops, the proposed Paul Ryan Budget plan is immoral and does not protect the poor.   Take that, you path to prosperity guys:

6.  Another issue on which the GeeOpee and Romoneee are out of step with functionality:

7.  Steve Lopez paints a journalistic masterpiece on the quality of life that combines the best of the Los Angeles basin and the advent of CicLAvia - where streets are closed down in the urban areas to full days of unimpeded recreational bicycling.  Yes, life is good:,0,3906952,print.column

8.  The history of Prohibition looms evermore on the long, costly, and futile, and deadly prohibition on drugs.   Some form of legalization, decriminalization, and containment will happen sooner or later.  Right now, we have to keep an open debate, and continuing discussion to make sure we do it right:

"The significance of man is that he is insignificant and is aware of it." 
       -- Carl Becker
"The only obligation to which in advance we may hold a novel, without incurring the accusation of being arbitrary, is that it be interesting." 
       -- Henry James
"So much of what we call management consists in making it difficult for people to work." 
       -- Peter Drucker
"Computers make it easier to do a lot of things, but most of the things they make it easier to do don't need to be done." 
       -- Andy Rooney

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