Monday, February 6, 2012

Things to Know - 6 February

Poor Mitt

1.  As ridiculous as things go in the Wannabees of the GeeOpee. it is perfectly logical that Rick Santorum believes that abortion causes breast cancer:

2.  I was wondering if there would be any hint of display during the Super Bowl about the state of Indiana's recent challenge to unions with its passage of the recent right-to-work legislation.  The NFL Players Association is in sympathy but played anyway.  Here's the skinny:

3.  Bill Moyers converses with a social psychologist about the deep contentious divide in this country about politics:

4.  The super-billionaires of the top of the 1% had a political strategy session in Indian Wells, CA.  Read something about it here:

5.  This Washington Post column is reflective of the horrible action of the Wannabees on each other, as well as the goofy presentation and out-of-touch stuff Romney is prone to do.  From here on out, if Porkie insists on hanging in there and throwing more bombs at his Mittness, it will get worse.  Look for some action on taking out Newt, or running a third candidate if things get really desperate:

6.  Paul Krugman reflects on the recent good news of the lower unemployment figure, but cautions against destructive optimism.   There will be moves and attempts to turn to austerity and act as if the problems are on the mend, and no need to continue to strive for stimulus and raise the interest rates.  Not so fast, says Krugman, it's better, but it ain't over yet:

7.  This column personalizes the improving employment with particular attention to the Latino community:,0,415186,print.story

8.  Passing legislation the conforms the the overview of the "Buffett Rule" is a nice concept, and should be done. but it does not really do much to address the deficit and create any sense of overall fairness in the current tax structure:,0,3273185,print.story


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