Monday, October 31, 2011

Things to Know - 31 October

1.  The labor movement has not been well for the last several decades.  Santa Monica is the venue where the folks who wash cars have now been recognized as a collective bargaining unit.  One small bubble on you hood, and one giant leap a clean cruise:

2.  In Colorado, the city of Boulder is toying with a ballot initiative that would convert its local energy supplier from a private entity to a municipally-owned  venture.  Read what is at stake and why this is being done:

3.  It would appear, from E.J.Dionne's perspective, that Paul Ryan is getting upset and sensitive to the narrative of the OWS movement.  The elephant in the room is finally being recognized by Ryan, and he is uncomfortable as he is carrying the water for the 1%:

4.  I am including this column so that you can see how one justifies continuing spending to support the MIC.  Why? Why? Why?   At what point to we recognize the needs of our domestic agenda?   The biggest and most bloated entitlement program we have is the Military-Industrial Complex:

5.  So, to counter Paul Samuelson's above column, we now have Paul Krugman.  His offering is more detailed and deeper....but of course he is a Nobel Prize recipient:

6.  At stake here is uranium mining around the Grand Canyon, which would even allow the Russians to mine the element without even paying us any royalties.   The fix is having the administration continue with a 20-year moratorium.  Naturally, the mining industry is lining up its money and lobbying power to get their way.  You even been to the Grand Canyo?  - lovely place:

7.  I am sure that the mayors and police chiefs all around the country are conversing on how to cope, handle, and remove the Occupy crowds.  Appearance in the media is everything:,0,2391624.story

8.  Bill Keller, of the NY Times, is also one of those to whom the Occupy Movement has not completely registering.  While he has valid observations, in my opinion he is missing something.   As these observations come and go, it is necessary to think "out of the box" as they say.  The movement does not follow the necessary precepts of your standard protest, and that is what makes it unique to me.  If the demands were clearly enunciated, the opposition would clearly form its resistance and repel the thing.  Since there is confusion as to what it is all about, but there is this sense that something is wrong, the guilty, or those who think they may be guilty begin to panic.  It's a work in progress, formed on a basic dissatisfaction, that defines its many attractions and goals as it goes along.  Too many pundits and observers, like Bill Keller, are quick to demand answers:

9.  This editorial is saying that the Gee Opie candidates have basically Flat-Lined:

Juan Matute

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