Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Things to Know - 11 October (the real thing)

1.  Here's an interesting contribution.  E.J. Dionne writes about George Will's column about Elizabeth Warren (in a past edition sent from here):


2.  This contribution from Ketchup (yes, that is her name) is basically a report on what is going on with all these people huddled around in Zuccotti Park.  Conversations, topics of definition of purpose, strategy and tactics, validation of effort, etc.....  The people looking down from on high really have no idea, and they are concerned because it is unlike any protest they have ever heard or seen before, but they know that they are somehow the focus, or what they do is the focus, or something like that:


3.  Robert Reich, always a straight-shooter, and mostly right, gives us a lesson in history, and puts the context of the Wall Street movement in perspective with the current political establishment, and where things may or may not go.  The main point is that it appears that something serious is happening, and we should pay attention and follow the money:


4.  It was at this point in the draft that I hit the send instead of the save key.  Lesson learned - pay attention

5.  David Brooks, smart guy and all, but he's missing the point.  My reply to him is that he seems to think that the solution to what ails is is supposed to come from the protesters.  It just may be that the protest is all about the wealth of a small elite group of plutocrats corrupting and hi-jacking the U.S. Constitution for their sole benefit, and more and more people are on to their game now.  No, the change will come from those who have been marginalized, and it will be done in ways that have never been tried before.  Stuff like this "milquetoast-radicals" will only embolden the resolve:

6.  In the middle of all the distractions in protests movements in cities across the land, and GOP presidential candidates assassinating each other etc, we still have the business of the people supposedly going on in Congress.  Here is one effort to move something past the Republicants:


7.  Elizabeth Warren is doing very well raising money in her run for the Senate.  Yes, the financial folks should be afraid.  And yes, they will overtly and mostly covertly raise a ton of money to defeat her.  Her vibrant candidacy brightens the American landscape:

6.  Sandy Banks of the LA Times reminds us that there is more to life than tea baggers, protesters, Euro-Zone, and no NBA games:


Juan Matute

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       -- Steven Wright
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