Monday, October 10, 2011

Things to Know - 10 October

1. Back to the Wall Street Movement.   This is an interesting article which now charts the effects of the protest on a financial institutions that sees itself as an object of the protest and what it is telling its employees on how to react if confronted.  It's not the publication of the handbook that is of interest.  It is the fact that the an institution acknowledges that it is an unwitting culprit:

2.  You can now consider Paul Krugman part of the unwashed dirty hippies near Wall Street.  He's throwing the BS back by at the confused politicos who have absolutely no relevance in their remarks to the grievances:

3.  Bill Keller's great op-ed piece on the Tea Party's confusion and the confusion it is creating for the GOP and as Rick Perry goes, so goes the tea baggers:

4,  Here is an example of a prominent Washington Post op-ed contributor who just does not get it all, jut a part of "it".  He bemoans that the wealthy get the attention on the inequality of income, and attract attention when taxes are an issue, plus a bunch of other related stuff,  However, what he and many others like him to not speak to is what the wealthy do, or not do with all their money.  Corporations are sitting on pile of cash and just wait for the air  to smell right before they invest - we know about that.  What is not talked about is that the very few wealthy channel millions and billions, through very covert and secret connections to buy legislators at all levels to create the laws and regulations that tilt any hope of a level in their favor.  They have been doing this forever, and that is the problem that is ripping this country to destruction.  The wealthy co-opt any political group or movement that opposes progressive government, and steers legislators, regulations, and political campaigns to results that benefit the wealthy, and the corporations.  Three wealthy guys can bury the opposition with tons of money, and do it secretly:

5.  Herman Cain, may deliver pizza on time, but he's got a lot to learn.  His wading in on the occupiers makes him the lightening rod for criticism and as the movement grows (propelled by stuff that oozes from his mouth), he is going to back himself into the corner, marginalizing him, and then the GOP may find him too hot to handle.  It is going to be an amusing side show.  Newt called it a demonstration of the poor subjects that students are taking in school.  Newt and Herm deserve each other:,0,7549411,print.story

6.  In 1887, our family moved to Georgia, and away from this butane tank farm (about a mile away).  It is at the corner of Gaffey and Westmont.  A huge tank farm of butane gas.  One natural disaster or a nut with an RPG can take out the residential community and school nearby, plus blow out windows and doors for miles:,0,572684,print.story

7.  Close it out today with an LA Times editorial on the GOP's refusal to recognize the reason for EPA regulations and their dedicated zeal to support the corporate aims to cut back on anything that thwarts the corporate ability to maximize profits:,0,1099289,print.story

-- Juan Matute

"No tyranny is so irksome as petty tyranny: the officious demands of policemen, government clerks, and electromechanical gadgets."
       -- Edward Abbey
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       -- Fred Allen
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