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Good and Bad News

Dated March 8

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First the Bad News -
This is an ecological tragedy.  Hopefully it was not a man-made environmental screw up.

The Good News -
Really, really cheap sea food dinners are available at Captain Kids.  But, you gotta hurry before the merchandise spoils.

Millions of dead fish at King Harbor in Redondo Beach

March 8, 2011 | 10:11 am
Authorities in Redondo Beach are investigating what killed millions of fish over the last day at King Harbor Marina.
Fish, including anchovies, sardines and mackerel were floating lifeless in Basins 1 and 2 of the north side of King Harbor Marina.
"There's basically fish everywhere you go in the harbor," said the harbor's assistant manager, Jason McMullin, who added that there were reports that a red tide may have driven the fish into the harbor in massive numbers where they died because of limited oxygen.
Redondo Beach public works officials were dispatched to the harbor to investigate further but did not have immediate comment.
The fish were attracting huge flocks of seagulls and other birds.
-- Andrew Blankstein

Juan Matute

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