Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Things To Know - Sept 27

The Musings of one Juan Matute.

1.  Class Warfare.  This will get you going this morning.  Libertarians will chafe at some of the points presented, but great stuff to get the discussion going:

2.  Migrant farm workers, both illegal and legal are at the short end of a stick when it comes to fairness in picking crops (tomatoes) in this case.  There is move afoot to protest at Trader Joe's Monrovia, California headquarters to make us all aware of what is going on out there.  Read about if here:

3.  David Brooks gets on a platform to get above the morass of class warfare and band aid stimulus.  He makes sense, but he has no way of convincing anyone on either side to turn anything he says into public policy,  Besides, no one is going to listen to him anyway:

4.  If you think Brooks may be too far up into the clouds, then get down and comfortable with this opinion that points out that reforming Medicare could also mean going after the fraud perpetrated by those on the health care-provider side who scam the system in billions and billions of dollars:


5.  Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post laments on how the GOP is all messed up, by its own creation, in finding a viable candidate.  Apparently, the buzz is how to get the Gov. of New Jersey (Christie) to change his mind and run.  Apparently the person who is going to run against Obama has not been found yet:

6.  Up in Berkeley (The Albany of the Bay Area) the Republican students at UCB (yes, there are some), having taking to satire to demonstrate their displeasure with the admissions  policy of the University of California.  They got their message out, but not sure what they netted at the end of the day:

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